Latest research


The Center for Computational Security sCience (CCSC) is the first research group in Brazil founded to fill a gap in the national cybersecurity community and intensify indispensable efforts in security analytics and algorithm design for security management, network resilience and traffic engineering. The basis of the research lies strongly in studying the system dynamics; mathematically modeling the evolution of complex computer networks; designing adaptive, distributed, collaborative and secure agent-based algorithms, protocols and applications; understanding complex biological networks and developing models for the spread of information and misinformation; understanding how coordinated behavior arises from the dynamical interaction of different kinds of computer networks, such as Internet of Things (IoT), Software-defined networks, cognitive networks and others to mention, but a few.

We are the trusted experts as we come up with:

  • Mathematical models through fundamental limits on network security;
  • Security architecture for resilient networks and services;
  • Innovation in network traffic analyses towards threats prevention;
  • Expertise, knowledge beyond network survivability and mitigation.

If you are interested in our research, please drop us a message: ccsc@ufpr.br.