Rafael Silva

Master Student in Computer Science

Email: rasilva@inf.ufpr.br
Skype: rafael.araujo.cwb


MAC Protocols, IEEE 802.11ax, Dense Networks.

Honors & Awards

Tests & Research

Implementation of a module in NS-3 for time slot reduction in 802.11 access control protocol

Recent Paper

Avoiding Collisions by Time Slot Reduction Supporting Voice and Video in 802.11 Networks. Rafael Silva, Nadjib Achir, Aldri Santos, Khaled Boussetta, Michele Nogueira. In: IEEE GLOBECOM, Washington D.C., USA, 2016 (To appear)


Network Management
Software Development
Network Simulator
C/C++ Language Programming

What People Say About Us

Multitasking is the word that comes to mind when I think about Dr. Michele. She was my advisor during my Master's studies at UFPR. I was impressed with her abilities to discuss so many different topics, and organize the ideas in a very clear way. This made it easy for me to understand the lab's research procedures, focusing on goals and results. Above all, all of our papers submissions have been accepted.

Rafael SilvaCCSC Alumni

I am fortunate to work with this set of talented students and collaborators!

Prof. Michele Nogueira
Prof. Michele NogueiraCCSC Director