Security Management

Managing network security is often a demanding task. Accomplishing this in a landscape of heterogeneous technological interoperability – Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi, 4G, 5G and others – adds more complexity. Additionally, managing security over multiple network features and application requirements demand innovative solutions.

To handle these challenges, CCSC has investigated a set of issues of security management in different kind of computer networks and offered solutions able to deal with them in a convergent context. The center counts today with solutions coping with authentication, confidentiality and availability issues in different networks, such as Internet of things (IoT), Software-defined networks (SDNs), Vehicular Networks, Mesh Networks, Ad hoc Networks, Cloud Computing and others.

This variety of works gave to the CCSC team the experience necessary to reach flexibility in designing the best network security management solution and protocols for each environment needs. If you are interested in scientific partnership or you are a company interested in security management consulting solutions, please send us a message.